About Suri Alpacas

Suri Alpacas are intelligent, curious animals with exquisite fleece.  The Suri Network is an excellent resource for learning about the Suri breed. You can read about them here.

Why did we get Alpacas and why did we choose Suri’s?

We wanted to have animals on our farm and utilize our property in the best and most  sustainable manner.  We were attracted to the uniqueness of the Suri Alpaca which represents less than 20% of the North American herd.  Suri’s have exquisite fiber which is prized by knitters, crocheters and hand spinners and their fleece is a renewal natural resource which is sheared each spring.  Products made from Alpaca are warm, soft, durable and hypo-allergenic.  Their soft padded toes are easy on the land, they are efficient grazers and their manure can be used for fertilizer immediately without harming plants. The Alpaca products we sell are grown and made in the U.S.A.

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