Alpaca Training

Alpaca training opportunities are often created by youthful curiosity.  I love it!  Whenever possible, I try to take advantage of the animal’s natural tendencies and interests when training.  Just like people, if we are interested and want to explore something new, we are more receptive to learning.  This applies to alpaca training too.  None of us like having training pushed on us, as I recall fondly from my past corporate life.  For the alpacas, it doesn’t matter if the behavior is not exactly what I’m looking for at the beginning.  I will shape the behavior in small steps using positive reinforcement and lots of patience.  I learned how to clicker train dogs years ago and I find it can also be used to train alpaca with some modification.

Here is my little Suri alpaca boy Shane who learning to wear a halter and exploring the alpaca chute (right).  Alpacas are naturally curious creatures, but right now he is more curious than the others.  He will often follow me around and explore different areas of the barn.   I will stop doing my chores to take advantage of his interest in being around me or as it turned out today, exploring the chute.  I offer him yummy pellet treats which he loves.  The treats keep his interest and reward him for trying new things.  Alpaca training sessions are very short and I always try to end on a positive note.

image showing suri alpaca in training

Each of my young alpacas have different personalities, so each alpaca training plan will be a customized training approach.  That said, they will all need to learn the basics.   I want them to learn that respectful handling is part of daily life.   Each one should learn to wear a halter and walk on lead. Each one should be conditioned to be comfortable in the chute for safe handling in case there is a medical procedure or emergency treatment.   A happy chute experience also a major enabler for one person handling.  The key will be making these activities part of everyday life.  I’m quite sure I will learn a lot in the process, so stay tuned!

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Meet Our New Alpacas!

So many changes this year!  I’ll start by introducing one of our new additions to the farm.

Eldora’s Accoyo Talent by Rockstar joined us all the way from Oregon this year.  He comes with an impressive pedigree, show awards and has a dense, lustrous and curly fleece that has achieved perfect scores for shear weight in several shows.  His 2015 fleece also won the Judge’s Choice award in the largest all Suri fleece show in the country this year!  Besides all of his “talents” he has a wonderful gentle and inquisitive personality and is an excellent apple eater!  Check out this video to see just how much he loves apples!   Talent began his herdsire career this fall and I can’t wait to see his offspring next year!

2015_635566522397615314 (3)talent fleece 2015_a

The Year in Review 2014

2014 was quite a year!   It seems we “sprouted” in many different directions.  We grew from 2 to 10 Suri Alpacas, built a barn, new pastures, added livestock guardian dogs for the herd, a new website, new products to sell and even new bee hives.  We gained lots of new experience from managing our growing herd through all four seasons and learned even more by attending some excellent clinics and seminars on topics like neonatal care and the fiber business.

  • 2 Point Farm Alpacas sprouting from the hay and Zeke's first selfie!

Looking forward in 2015, we expect several of our girls will give birth this spring and summer and we will continue to grow the fiber portion of the business, adding hand spun and milled alpaca yarn and other new products made from this soft and luxurious fiber.  Thanks to everyone who has encouraged, helped and supported us throughout the year!

2 Point Farm, LLC

Welcome to 2 Point Farm, LLC.  We operate a small family farm in Northern Kentucky.  We raise and sell Suri Alpacas as well as made in the U.S.A. Alpaca products.  Visit the online shop or make an appointment to visit the farm store.