For Sale – Solutions for the Farm

HAY FEEDERSThis hay feeder is lightweight, ventilated and more importantly reduces hay waste!  I have built several hay feeders like the one pictured below and can build one for you with or without the floating grid.  The feeder is approximately 48″ Long x 25 ” Wide x 22″ High.  The grid uses 1/2″ PVC spaced 4 inches apart.  The PVC rolls so it does not scratch noses.  Price $150 or $165 with grid, plus sales tax.  Local Pickup only.  Please contact me to order.

Feeder Top and Side View (2)

Please allow 3 weeks for completion of feeder.  Likely I can complete it faster, unless you catch me at a busy time. Feeder design credit to Tim Sheets of Heritage Farm Suri Alpacas and PURELYSURI Magazine, Fall 2014.  Reinforced corners and floating grid designed by 2 Point Farm, LLC.     

SOIL ENHANCERAlpaca beans are an excellent soil conditioner for your garden!  The beans can be used “as is” straight from the source and will not burn plants.  They can also be composted, or made into a liquid “tea”.  Contact me by phone or email if you are interested and I’ll make you a good deal!