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Distinguished Suri Alpacas of Northern Kentucky

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Handwoven Suri Alpaca Rug

One of a Kind Suri Softness!

These Alpaca rugs were handwoven at 2 Point Farm in Kentucky using Suri alpaca rug yarn and they feel as soft as they look! Each rug is a unique pattern, but they will coordinate perfectly together. These rugs are great by your bed, your favorite chair, under your desk, in front of a bathroom vanity or kitchen sink, or anywhere your toes are seeking soft comfort!

Colors: The rug yarn is all natural alpaca and colors include fawn, browns, greys and black. Color and pattern variation is the result of natural alpaca fiber. No dyes were used. The rug warp is black cotton.

Use of a non-slip pad under the rug is recommended for your safety.

Two available.

Size: Approximately 24 inches wide x 30 inches long.

Care: It's true! Alpaca rugs are easy to keep clean and require only periodic vacuuming. Simply allow some time for the dirt to dry and then vacuum with a smooth floor attachment. Alpaca rugs repel dirt just like the fleece on the alpaca....the alpaca rolls in the dirt or mud and the dirt simply falls off. You may spot clean with warm water and mild soap or Resolve, or hand wash and dry flat if you must :).

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